API Reference

Spatial plots

pointplot(df[, projection, hue, ...]) A geospatial scatter plot.
polyplot(df[, projection, extent, figsize, ...]) Trivially plots whatever geometries are passed to it.
cartogram(df[, projection, scale, limits, ...]) This plot scales the size of polygonal inputs based on the value of a particular data parameter.
choropleth(df[, projection, hue, scheme, k, ...]) A simple aggregation plot based on geometry.
aggplot(df[, projection, hue, by, geometry, ...]) A minimum-expectations summary plot type which handles mixes of geometry types and missing aggregate geometry data.
kdeplot(df[, projection, extent, figsize, ...]) Geographic kernel density estimate plot.
sankey(\*args[, projection, start, end, ...]) A geospatial Sankey diagram (flow map).

Utility functions