Residential property sales in New York City


Someone in the /r/dataisbeautiful community posted an absolutely beautiful and very popular visualization of a map of London based on property sales:


This got me thinking—I've been doing a lot of work with New York City real estate data lately, and I really love choropleths; done right they're just such a visually stunning way of communicating geographic information. Maybe I could use this data to build something similar?

And so I have. The geospatial service at my own home institution, CUNY Baruch, had laced together a very similar dataset out of NYC Geocoded Real Estate Sales going back to 2003. I translated the UK English housing types to their informative approximate American equivalents and got cracking. The geography I used is the highest-resolution geographic breakdown possible (New York City's 2010 census tracts). The raw visualizations were prepared using the newly released and very highly recommendable spam.js library (it took hours to get the data into shape and five minutes to visualize it—wow) and composed using Inkscape.

A panel display of four choropleths makes for a poster-quality visualization that you can hang at home! Take a look:

— Aleksey