Counting New York City street trees


I had a great time at today's Tree Count Data Jam, a National Day of Civic Hacking hackathon put on by BetaNYC, the New York City Parks Department, Civic Hall, and a field of well-involved community sponsors (CartoDB, Microsoft, etc.).

Following up on my success with spam.js from yesterday, my team put together another viz using the library, this time with a selector for painting a chloropleth by selection—using either population density or area—for understanding the distribution throughout the boroughs of the subject of the day's hacking, the results (still partial, mind) of the 2015 Street Tree Census.

Despite the limited time we had to work on it, the result is nevertheless beautiful. Our team was me, Nayoung Ahn, Sri Nandula, and Alec Barrett—who handled all of the data munging operations in R.

Note: this map originally displayed additional information on hover. This feature no longer works, unfortunately.

— Aleksey