life of citibike

08/27/2016 Data.

a day in the life of citibike is an urban data visualization, the most ambitious such project I ever attempted, that lets you scrub through a day of Citi Bike trips one day in the summer of 2016. Select which stations you're interested in, then choose to track either bike trips or station traffic over the course of the day. Then click "Go" to be treated to a few minutes-long animation of bike traffic over the course of the day.

The front-end was implemented in D3.JS and vanilla JavaScript. The code is...quite callback-helly, to be honest, but I was new to the language and wanted to see what would happen if I didn't use a framework. If I were to redo this project today, I would definitely use React.

The bicycle pathing dataset powering the application is served on MongoDB, using an mLab cloud database instance. mLab was acquired by MongoDB, and the data is now hosted on MongoDB Atlas. The dataset was generated using the Google Directions API for routing.

The making of Life of Citibike is a detailed technical deep dive into how it works.

— Aleksey